DMK Philosophy

As an artist I specialize on the design of colors in form of paintings, sculptures of glass, iron, wood, furniture-design, jewelry-design, of Feng Shui, guardian angels, as well as ghost figures, whose colorful fantasy shapes are energetic islands.

My preferred working technique is vibration design. My objects are places of power, which waken dreams at the onlooker. They are food for the soul and joy for the week day at the same time. Negative influences get transformed into positive vibrations.

My point of view of art stands for it, to make creativity between objectiveness and abstractness, which can surround- and touch us. They should convey fireworks of joy of life, impulsiveness and dynamics.

Life on the other side of silence is my spirit, which lives inside of the matter. The goal is it, to contribute with the created objects, to create a world where people are able to live together in harmony and peace.

I see my angels of peace as a contribution to maintain the world peace. This art creation already gets lots of attention on international levels. This also gets documented through exhibitions in Milano, Calabria, New York, San Francisco, Dubai, Salt Lake City, Washington D.C., Johannesburg, Venice, London, Chicago, Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Vienna, Kitzbühl, Velden am Wörthersee and so on.