Take a short look at my life!

I was born in Austria,beeing the first daughter of a businessman family. I rose up at Ossiacher See. I visited the local academie of trade and had several jobs in economy business.

I spend several years in foreign countries and got also sculpture educations from some international artist.

Since  1983 I had several different art exhibitions and fashion shows of my own label. In 1993

I decided to totally concentrate on my art, on Feng Shui, on art- and economy projects, as well as on meditation and spiritual work. Nowadays my “Angel Sculptures”and paintings give joy to a lot of people. Especially, and I am very proud of it, also a lot of prominent people arround the world, are pleased and excited by my work.

Since 2004 I am also into glass sculptures,like the famous austrian artist “Kiki Kogelnik” and “Zepper-Sperl”were, when they lived. Today I am working with the same  masters of art,of the world famous glass manufactory “Dr. Berengo/Venice/Murano/Italy.

DMK Signatur