Angel on Journey


With this project I would like to send my “Angels of peace” (sculptures), symbolic for peace, around the world. That means, I travel all around the world, trough all continents, and to special places and cities, which got influenced by historical events.

I personally present my “Angels of peace” to people from the public. These handing overs are very well documented, and go through the media. It is planed a big, special retrospective and exhibition about the project “angels of peace on a journey”.

These “Angels” are made of wood, metal or glass. Their expression is manifested through their extraordinary shape and their colorful design. Former stations of the journey where South Africa/Johannesburg, United Arab Emirates/Dubai, Abudhabi, USA/Salt Lake City (Olympic games), Kosovo – refugee camp.


Dubai /UAE

Salt Lake City/USA, Rocky Anderson major of Salt Laker City(olympic games 2002)

J.Jonas, Fire Department, City of New York/USA

Other handing overs took place also in Austria. I see my “Angels of Peace” as my contribution to peace. This art program already gets lots of attention on international level. For sponsors, there is the possibility to buy an “Angel of peace”(sculpture), or for example, to be present at an exhibition, with the label of the company.

Giving Heinrich Harrer a friend of Dalai Lama the “Angel of Peace”

Giving Jane Goodall the “Angel of Peace” in Vienna, Zoo Schönbrunn